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Conferences organized with the Participation of the Institute

Bulgarian-Hungarian Conference
Regions, Borders, Societies and Identities in Central and South-East Europe
(Sofia, 16-17 May 2012).

Bulgarian-Hungarian Round Table
Bulgaria and Hungary in the Wars from the Second Decade of the 20th Century
(Sofia, 17 May 2012)

Political, Social, Economic and Cultural Elites in the Central- and East-European States in 19th-20th Centuries (Budapest, Hungary, 14–15 May 2009).

Nations and Minorities in Central and South-East Europe. Identity Issues (Sofia: 17-18 May, 2007)

“Young” and “Old”  (Plovdiv: October 2006).

The Science of History in Bulgaria – Current State and Prospective  (23-24 November, 2005). [BG]

The East-West Problem. Bulgaria and the Balkans (November 2005).

Bulgarian and Hungarian Historiography at the End of the 20th and the Beginning of the 21st Century (27-29 October 2005).

Genealogy and Regional History Studies – Problems of Contemporary Methodology and Practices in Lineal Studies and Homeland Studies (May, 2005).

State and Church – Church and State in Bulgarian History (10 March, 2005).

State and Church in the Balkans in the 11th-12th Centuries (Virtual Conference with the Institute of Slavic and Balkan Studies – Russian Academy of Sciences, 2005)

Genealogical Dimensions of Personality in Genealogical Studies. (15 December, 2004).

The East-West Problem. Contemporary Dimensions (8 October, 2004).

Current Problems of Genealogy (21 May, 2004).

Bulgarian Genealogy – Past, Present and Future (13 November, 2003).

A Hundred Years since the Ilinden-Preobrazhenie Uprising (Sofia, June 2003).

The East-West Problem. Historical Perspective (17-19 October, 2002).

Ninety Years since the Balkan War (Kardzhali, 8–9 October, 2002).

Information Technologies in History and Its Sciences – II (19 February, 2002).

The Resurrection of Bulgaria in 1941. Sixtieth Anniversary since the Union of the Bulgarian Nation (Blagoevgrad, 16 May, 2001).

The East and the West: Controversies, Cooperation, Integration (March, 2001).

The Treaty of Krayova – Hope and Disillusionment (Dobrich, 20 September, 2000).  

Sixty Years since the Birth of Ivan Bozhilov (2000).

Information Technologies in History and Its Sciences (10 November, 1999).

Bulgarian National Liberation Movements after the Congress of Berlin in 1878. Fifty Years since the Birth of Senior Research Fellow, Associate Professor Ph.D. Konstantin Pandev (Gotse Delchev, 14–15 October, 1998).

Religion and Church in Bulgaria (27-29 November, 1997).

The Comintern, the Cominformbureau and Bulgaria (1997)

The Soviet Factor in Bulgaria’s Development after 9 September, 1944 (1997).

Liberalism (1996).

Eighty Years since the Birth of Professor B. Primov (1995).

Bulgaria and Russia in the 20th Century. Bulgarian-Russian Scientific Discussions (1995).

Russia – An Integrating and Disintegrating Factor of the Slavic Peoples (1995).

Europe and the Slavs – Ideas and Reality (1995)